Otso Leppänen is an industrial designer, who is currently working on his Masters degree in art. He has worked as a designer both for a firm and as a freelancer.

“In the Ketara and Korento beds I have designed, the aim is to offer children a frame in which to shape the space they desire – their own nook, hut or hiding place, which grows along with the child and reminds them of home and safety.” 

Juuso Andersin is an industrial designer who is currently continuing his studies at the art and design faculty of Aalto University.

For Juuso, the key to design is to try to form a strong relationship between the product and the user, an attachment that will stand the test of time. Juuso’s creations are the Sieni storage stool and the Kaarna children’s table.


Our products are made from birch plywood and we use cotton for the upholstery. By choosing these materials, we guarantee that our products last and are easily recycled.

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