Conversion Kit – Korento Beds


Believe it or not, but your child grows over the years 🙂 That’s why we have made sure that so does the bed.

For a toddler, small Korento bed gives most comfort. It’s also good choice for a small room.

As your kid grows you can increase the size to 200cm with new side bars. The package include extra piece of bed slats.


Answers to questions you may have:

What is the material?

Birch Plywood. 🙂

What does the package include?

It depends on whether you want to extend or shorten the size of the bed 🙂

  • 160cm → 200cm: longer side boards + additional floor grille
  • 200cm → 160cm: shorter side boards

How do I take care of my bed?

A soft cloth and mild soap work best.

What if I lose or break a part?

You can order more from us 🙂 These parts are very hard to break!

What if I have more questions?

Just ask and we will be happy to respond!

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