Ketara Loft Bed

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Kids just love loft beds. Underneath they can have their own space. And curtains can be added to create a hideaway. You can choose either our beautiful city view or our adventurous forest.

If you wish, you can first buy the shorter version of Ketara, 160cm, and later extend it up to 200cm with new side boards. Solid headboards are available in black or white.

And thanks to its unique design, Ketara can be used both as a loft bed and a canopy bed. All you need to do, is to flip the bed around.

Answers to questions you may have:

What are the dimensions of the bed?

You can choose either a longer or shorter version of your bed. The shorter mattress size is 160 cm, the longer is 200 cm. If you start with the shorter version, you can later buy a longer sideboard and mattress, to extend the bed to its fullest extent.

Bed dimensions are: 86 cm (width)  x 155 cm (height) x 169/209 (length). Mattress size is 80 cm × 160/200 cm.

What is the material?

Birch Plywood. 🙂

What is included in the delivery?

Mattress is not included in the price. If you wish, you can of course order our LumoKids mattress to be included in the same delivery.

The bed is delivered in parts, the ends are pre-assembled, but sideboards and the bed slacks must be secured by the customer.

Is the bed safe??

Yes. All of our beds have been tested against the European standard, EN 1752: 1998.

How do I take care of my bed?

Life with children is sometimes messy. Daily dirt is best removed with a damp cloth and mild soap.

If something bigger happens, as it can with children, you can always paint the frame again. For best results, we recommend using sandpaper and a primer, before applying the actual paint finish.

What if I lose or break a part?

Parts are difficult to break. If the surface gets scratched, you can always re-surface it. This is the nice thing about genuine wood products.

And don’t worry if something goes missing 🙂 You can always order the missing part from us.

What if I have more questions?

Just ask! We are happy to help!


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