Plywood posters


Our plywood posters present Finnish endangered / rare animals: wild forest reindeer,  Saimaa ringed seal and snowy owl. Plywood size 21 x 30 cm.

Wild forest reindeer or Finnish forest reindeer is native to Finland and northwestern Russia. In Finland the population is around 2000  individuals. Wild forest reindeer is one of the first species WWF has started to protect in Finland (since 1972).

Saimaa ringed seal is only found in Finland, Saimaa. It is one of the world’s rarest seals. Around 380 individuals are estimated to live in the Saimaa waters. WWF has been protecting Saimaa ringed seal since 1979.

The snowy owl lives in the north tundra zone. It has almost disappeared from Finland. The snowy owl feathers in Finland rarely and only in good vole years.

The posters are printed on thin 1mm birch plywood, produced from PEFC ja FSC certified wood.

Pictures are drawn by our graphic designer Kaisa Malinen. Kaisa has been involved with the nature conservation work a lot, so the subject is very dear to her.

Answers to questions you may have

What are the dimensions of the posters?

The size of the poster is: 21x30cm

What is the material of the poster?

The poster is produced on high quality thin Finnish birch plywood. It’s printed with 10mm. It’s printed with 10mm border.

What if I have more questions?

Just ask! We are happy to help!


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